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Let’s not forget that your list of emails and phone numbers is still your list of customers. These are the people you rely on for repeat business as well as a review. Here are some suggestions about how to treat them well while still having an effective review acquisition strategy.

1. Respond to reviews

You should always show your appreciation to your customers by responding to their reviews. Most businesses do not respond to positive reviews which is why you will stand out if you do. Your response to a positive review doesn’t have to be long, just let them know you appreciate their business and feedback. Don’t copy and paste the same response to everyone.

Negative reviews can be difficult to respond to but it needs to be done. Here is a link to an in-depth article that talks about the proper way to do it.

7 ways to respond to negative reviews

2. Getting phone numbers (if you don’t already)

This is a difficult yet crucial task your future review status depends on. This is also something that can stop a business from being able to make it work at all. Don’t let the feeling of unease here stop you, there are thousands of big and small businesses that get phone numbers for review requests every day all day.

First of all, you should know some methods that don’t work. Don’t put up a sign that says “Ask how you can write us a review.” That doesn’t work. No one is going to volunteer to do the work. Don’t ask while they are in the middle of eating or in a conversation with someone, no one likes to be interrupted.

Here is what you can do. While you or your employee is talking to the customer (possibly while checking out), say something like “Reviews are a big deal for our business, would you mind if I sent you a text with a link that makes it easy to write one?” I know that one is a little bit on the long side. You can also just say “Would you mind if I text you a link to write us a review?” If they say no to either one of those respond with “Ok, would email be better?” If they say no again, say “No problem, will you look us up some time and give us your feedback?” No one ever says no to that, and if they do it’s probably because they had a bad experience and you should see if you can resolve it before they leave your business.

3. Getting and using feedback

Feedback is important and Zurvia can help you get lots of it. In addition to the reviews themselves, you should pay attention to your contacts list found on your dashboard. There you will find that some customers may have given you a star rating without actually leaving a review. You should check here regularly to see if anyone has left a low star rating. You can also see if someone responded to the text message that was sent. With these two methods, you can get more feedback and have the ability to contact those with a negative experience and attempt to resolve their concerns. Make sure you take feedback seriously and attempt to adjust your business so that negative reviews come in less frequently.

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